Monday, October 30, 2006

Congrats France! - 1st runner up Ms.UN '06 (CFC preschool) HERE
to watch the video.

Another recogniton for our daughter, this time in non- academic field. She bagged the best in talent and 1st runner up in their school's ms/mr UN talent search last Oct.28. Thanks to her lola Brenda for her colombian costume. Apparently, we didn't bother to look for and spend for her costume ( libre gastos na hehehe). Biro mo she made it out of home curtains (resourceful huh).
I've tried to upload her video to new google video so you can watch it but it failed, ewan ko ba...Anyways,I'll try it again.. Can somebody help me how it will gonna work?


melody said...

Wow! congrats to france, she's doing great both in academic and extracurricular. Hope she will continue to excel. It is likewise your (parents) achievement for the encouragement and support you are giving to her. You are behind her sucess.
I know you are very proud of her. Keep it up!

ric said...

uy, galing anak mo a! Congratulation to her and keep on studying.

Anonymous said...

hi joy! ngayon ko lang nakita itong video! kakatuwa! pati ba yung accent, pinractice nyo? hehehe... france is a great dancer!