Friday, April 27, 2007

maid not made for...

thought we’ll gonna have our new maid after the last one left 6 mos ago...but won’t believe it, our new maid decided to leave after staying with us for 5 hrs only! that’s unbeatable!... sometimes we really don’t know what’s running in ones’ mind. mom & my aunt brought the maid to our house this morning and already conversed with her the general details. i can say that the job is light because she will only be in charged of the laundry/cleaning and gardening matter (we’re only 4 in the house) and i’ll take care of the children and the cooking stuff. i was excited pa naman and i prepared lunch and afternoon snack for all of us early. after some casual queries about her, she confirmed to us that she really was determined to work. When everything was set and my mom and aunt were about to leave, she said to me “sasama po ako sa kanila” parang nabingi yata ako...ano?! bakit? she didn’t answer. confused and starting to get furious, we asked her again and she finally answered “masyado pong tahimik the subdivision na ito” i know what made her change her mind when i emphasized to her that it’s a no no na mangapit- bahay. yun na.

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