Thursday, May 03, 2007

summer escapade in our garden

it’s scorching. intense. it's a hot hot summer! haaayyy... the heat turns our chikiting “masusungit” and uncomfy. still couldn’t get the chance to go out for a swimming, hopefully before the summer ends and still hoping (and praying) my medication will tame my stubborn allergy huhuhu (well, this is another story). anyways, for the meantime, to work out france’s incessant demand to go swimming, i went upstairs. dug out the huge box (where i kept all rarely used items and “abubot “) and voilĂ ! they can now beat the summer heat with the instant swimming pool. yey! charles is no longer scared of the cool water , i guessed he just wants some fun in an open space such as this~ swimming in our own garden with his ‘ate france hahaha. it feels so goood to see them giggling and enjoying the water . this activity is now part of the our daily routine while the heat is on.

btw, want to share the fact i had just read from the newsletter (voice of south). did you know that boredom and unproductive activities for months can cause “SUMMER SLIDE” also known summer” brain drain” to the kids. It is wearing away of the things they learned from school. many of the parents (including me :( ), however, don’t even know that there is such occurrence as this. so help stop summer slide, engage your kids to productive summer activities or simply let your kids read books to improve reading skill and broaden their vocabulary.