Saturday, December 23, 2006

hip! hip! hooray! it's charles' 1st birthday

got to believe it! justice league super heroes~ superman, wonder woman, batman, the flash and green lantern, and the fairies and villains of the fantasy world had come out for a common mission…to honor the chief of the indian tribe… huh? a new animation or play? you might think...but you’ve heard it right, ooopsss...i mean sort of hehehe.. the bulilit version of them showed up yesterday on our son’s 1st birthday costume party. yeap, we’ve decided to throw a costume party to add the zing to the celebration, and it turned out groovy and amusing. our son dressed up in indian costume with their tribal head band to match the outfit while our daughter had her fancy fairy costume. to accolade the participation and effort of the the kids and of course the parents we awarded gifts for best in costume ( 1 boy and 1 girl ), the judgment was based on the most applauded kids.. nakuha yata sa paramihan ng kamag-anak hahaha...The bibo kids also showcased their talents. france recited a special poem to her brother and subsequently had her a dance number, babaero song was then rendered by zorro cousin, girbaud followed by the another dance number from the trio cousins fairy and devil girl. the games and prizes were delighted by both kids and their parents. the cool sunset breeze in our village’s clubhouse was a big help for the kids to feel comfy with their costumes. the food catered by ALON”S (relative) was good and plenty with five main courses, 2 desserts (w/ sorbetero) and drinks plus set kiddie meal for kids. the not so good about the party was the attendance, only around 75 guests attended against the 125 reserved paid seats medyo sayang yung food tsk, tsk...according to them they have other engagement sabay ng christmas party (christmas na nga pala) yet overall, the party was FUN! my gratitude to my in-laws for the assistance and preparation of the program thanks, thanks,thanks...

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Anonymous said...

ngayon lang ako ulit ako nagkapagopen ng blog mo, and your sons's bday celebration was really fun, saw the photos of the kids there, the're so cute in their costumes, galing! nagparticipate sila. and you're pretty.