Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ready for the next level

The final stage of preparation for primary education had come to an end for our daughter france when she graduated from senior kinder/prep last march 25. She surpassed the assessment and will be an incoming grade 1 this s.y. 2007-08 at Don Bosco Technopark. Is she ready to face a greater challenge at age 5? Indeed, she is young for this level as the age bracket for grade 1 is 6.5-7 yrs. old. Nonetheless, her overall scholastic performance showed distinction as she excelled both in academic and non-academic program for prep. In fact and despite of being the bunso of the batch, she still managed to get the 2nd honors plus 5 other medals where she was likewise recognized as best in english, best in public speaking, best in vocabulary retention and the non academic awards for singing and poem. With this feat and most importantly the continuous parental support, I believe that our france is now ready to face a better challenge. We will be walking with her through her new learnings...
....For now, we’ll give her a break! bakasyon muna yipee! :o)


Mrs. Annette said...

Congratulation again France for the achievements. Alam ko malayo mararating mo with the guidance of your mother. Goodluck.

lai said...

hi joy! congrats to france and to you parents, what a proud mom to a smart daughter. keep it up france and always listen to your mom.

regards to your family,
lai-lai s.