Saturday, January 20, 2007

remembering our union

A happy family of four , that is the product of our 6 years of marriage as we celebrate our 6th wedding anniv today...and now we are on the road to 7th year of marriage.....whew! time really flies! the 7th year, according to some psycho-social analysts is the year of realization, it’s when unbearable problems and terrible fights arise and the passion is’s either to fail or make for the couples. py told me not to entertain or preoccupy with those notions as it might delude me but instead trust in him. yet sometimes i can’t help it, sometimes i find myself plunging into the “how if...thoughts”...what an awful scenario and it makes me feel crazy! jeez! i have to shook my head...see! the thought is playing trick on me...problemahin ba ang di problema baka lalo magkaproblema. well, i am thankful that our relationship is still intact, i am not saying that we have a perfect one, no, we don’t, we do have arguments, fights, misunderstandings etc, etc over any matters yet i realized these are really petty things . i’m thankful that we're not experiencing what other couples i know are going through. i may say , that i can see myself growing old with him in God’s grace
....long live the union....ilypy.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

substance of the drinking H2O

since the birth of our son, my mother in law (mama), py and i keep on discussing and pointing out different notions and comprehensions about the kind of treated water to give to charles. it is my decision to give him distilled water. (syempre nasunod ang nanay hehe). however, mama persistently telling me that distilled water can make the tummy “maselang” since it has no minerals, but then i told her that baby charles gets the minerals from his food i.e. milk and not from the water as the amount of nutrients from the mineral water is insignificant. from then she never misses to talk to me about it everytime we get the chance to see. of course, i could not debate with her as much as i wanted and it’s when the worth of the blog comes in. on the other hand, my mother-in-law is just being concerned and i admired her for that ( uy! biglang bumawi hihihi).

honestly, i was really considering of blogging about what’s in our drinking water until I got an email from my college friend/classmate...this leads me finally to post some facts or still hypotheses to other experts about the water that we are drinking.

here are some of important excerpts from the articles/links below:

***The organic minerals are the only ones that our body can use. Only one kingdom can convert the inorganic to the organic, and that is the plant kingdom. One would normally find that more than 95% of the minerals in bottled spring water [and in tap water] are inorganic minerals, meaning our body cannot utilize them. If they roll up in our kidney, they form kidney stones and if they roll up in the gall bladder they form gallstones, and if accumulating in our joints they can be the main culprits of arthritis.

***"When pure water enters the human body, it leaves no residue. It is free of all inorganic salts. It is the perfect drink for internal cleanliness and health.

waterworld usa, inc

what type of water is the best

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

pushing to post 2007 greeting

grrrr.....this is my nth time since 5 days ago...can't post appropriately...can't use almost all of the features of this blogger from google. i suspect this is the upshot of the ongoing upgrading to the newest version from a newer version blogger beta...ay naku whatever version yan. i was reading the article of blogger buzz regarding the matter but most of the write ups are on the positive side i.e. "bursting with features" yet failed to tip off the effects such as this...just received a comment posted by jenee, while i have published it successfully i thought it will gonna work intact~in full blast but i was wrong, the syndrome's still on least now nagwowork na yun posting but the other features especially the images and lay outs are still untouchable... be positive...anu pa nga ba...optimistically, this inevitable notches upgrading will certainly benefit the members...but until when will this transition effects?

anyways, though late (you know the reason...), let me greet "belated merry christmas and a peaceful, blessed, healthy, and better 2007". (sayang i can't add our family greeting card)

hoping this will gonna show up after clicking the publish (i'll cross my fingers)1,2,3...