Monday, February 05, 2007

packing for HK

starting tomorrow until feb 9 we will go around and explore the downtowns, harbors, markets, disneyland and other theme parks of one of the most vibrant and dynamic city - hong kong. well, will be trying at least to fit the must-to-do/see to this limited time , hoping that we can squeeze it.. hehe sana...magkasya. initially, the plan was scheduled by end of march to early april after france’ graduation. this is our graduation gift to france which we are anticipating her outstanding award (go, that’s the fighting spirit!. what gives me the guts to enunciate that? actually, she’s in the list of the top 3 pupils for 3 straight quarters and now they only have one last quarter left, hence, we boost her up to perform further. in fact for the past days she's doing..i mean..we are doing(ako nga pala ang dakilang mentor) our advance lessons to cover up her 1 week leave. huhu... kawawa naman anak namin naprepresure na yata, nonetheless, it pays to study hard, cause she will definitely be enjoying the trip particularly the disneyland. she hardly wait to see the disney princesses and characters of the disney channel, even more, she’s expecting to see brenda song and ashley tisdale her fave teenage stars of zack and coddy and highschool musical (sa ngayon, hanggang wish sa na lang muna anak). grabe! she addicted to disney shows! wala na yatang araw that i will not say to her “that’s too much TV!, that’s enough! you’ll get blind na, c’mon you study your lessons now”. and she will plead, but then i have to discipline her somehow. anyways, this HK trip will absolutely be memorable to her as it will be her very first flight and first out of country. in fact, she has started the countdown eversince we booked the tour and tomorrow is the big day for her! speaking of booking, our itineraries- tours and flight are all self catered , we booked the items separately based on our own pace. moreover, the total cost is less than any other package tour i’ve checked so far. we booked the flight with cebu pacific air in which we grabbed their lowest airfare promo offer (yeap, the reason why napaaga), while the rest of the items i.e hotel accommodation, airport transfer and tours were booked thru asia travel (you can refer to earlier post about some personal tips on how to get the best deal of online booking). btw, we’ll gonna miss our cute bunso, we have decided not to take him with us, at his age (just turned 1) he will just be physically drained and he will not going to enjoy it yet anyway.

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