Monday, March 12, 2007

the shadow

"huh?! what's this huge thing that keeps on following me, i can't escape from this monster huhuhu help!" translating from child's own paraphrase, this is what i can read from our son's young mind when he sees his shadow. while charles is so brave putting his finger in the rotating electric fan, he is so scared of his own shadow. this is one of the funny things i discovered with him at his age 1 yr & 2 mos. just few nights ago, while he was walking on the sala i noticed that he was starring at someting with his eyes wide opened and can't continue walking as if urong sulong siya everytime the shadow moves after him and he suddenly shrieked with fear. i embraced him and laughed when i discerned the cause. on the next night, he found his enemy again and did the same thing but this time he attempted to touch his shadow and shrieked...i will certainly miss this thing when he grows up...

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lai-lai said...

hi joy! kakatuwa naman yan baby mo and you are right mamimiss mo yan pag laki nya. enjoy mo lang sila while they are still on their chilhood.

lai s.