Wednesday, January 03, 2007

pushing to post 2007 greeting

grrrr.....this is my nth time since 5 days ago...can't post appropriately...can't use almost all of the features of this blogger from google. i suspect this is the upshot of the ongoing upgrading to the newest version from a newer version blogger beta...ay naku whatever version yan. i was reading the article of blogger buzz regarding the matter but most of the write ups are on the positive side i.e. "bursting with features" yet failed to tip off the effects such as this...just received a comment posted by jenee, while i have published it successfully i thought it will gonna work intact~in full blast but i was wrong, the syndrome's still on least now nagwowork na yun posting but the other features especially the images and lay outs are still untouchable... be positive...anu pa nga ba...optimistically, this inevitable notches upgrading will certainly benefit the members...but until when will this transition effects?

anyways, though late (you know the reason...), let me greet "belated merry christmas and a peaceful, blessed, healthy, and better 2007". (sayang i can't add our family greeting card)

hoping this will gonna show up after clicking the publish (i'll cross my fingers)1,2,3...

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