Thursday, October 19, 2006

Voyage of Love

i don't usually write a poem but i made one for 'py'. I wrote this way back in 1999 on our first year together.. give me the chance to share this with you...I hope this will not sound 'corny'.


Speaking to my senses, i found myself
" you've been waiting for so long" utter the mind
yet the soul is searching and the heart is longing
for someone to arrive, I do not know when

Fatously inspired, I am to this man
praying he will be the one, I've besought to Him
yet time seems not to come and chances not to care
how soon shall he fall to behold my heart

Sovereign voice through angels is heard
"succumb to the fate where you'll be destined
he meant not for you, though discourage despair
for someone will come to touch your heart"

Awaken by the sound, the eyes have witnessed
a sight of a man has seized my journey
gone are those moments I realized
ah! that was yesterday, I sighed

The warmth of his embrace, perceived by my soul
and conquered my being with might yet gentle
incomparable affection I felt within
exchange this not to moments then
for this man loves me so tenderly

and the journey lives...

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